American Apparel is back in business!

But not for Canadians :(

If you were a teen like me when American Apparel basics started to fill our closets then you were also upset like me to see the company go bankrupt and shut down all their stores. There goes the disco pants and thigh-high socks with the stripes!

With closing sale signs plastering each location's windows, customers flocked to buy what was left of AA. But here's the good news! 

Gildan Activewear, a Canadian clothes-manufacturing giant acquired American Apparel out of bankruptcy proceedings and has re-launched the e-commerce website with all of the classic clothing staples we loved.

The only drawback is that they're only shipping within the United States and they haven't said anything about whether or not the company will come back to do business in Canada. But that's not the only difference. Historically, AA made its clothing in LA but since the Gildan takeover, it has moved its manufacturing facilities abroad. They're advertising a made in USA capsule collection though if you're keen on getting your hands on those!

My American Apparel Wishlist

American Apparel yellow skirt
60 CAD -

American Apparel clothing
38 CAD -

American Apparel white skirt
14 CAD -

American Apparel blue hat
45 CAD -

20 CAD -

What's on your wishlist?