It's Never Too Late for New Beginnings

I have an addiction... I don't know why I have it, and I don't know how to cure it — I love creating blogs fresh and then I can never find the time to post to them. So, this is my introduction.

My name is Camille Co. No, that isn't short for company. 

I'm a digital content creator and social media maven. My main outlet is my YouTube channel which you can find here. I create and produce content on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. I'm also a part of the Much Digital Studios' MCN. You can find my profile here on

When I'm not filming for YouTube, I'm working full-time as a web editor/digital content manager, where I sometimes also do freelance photography and design which you can find in my portfolio here.

Long story short, this will be where I elaborate on the YouTube videos I produce, share travel photographs from all over the world, and rant and review about nearly everything.

I hope you enjoy!