August 2017: App & Tech Favourites

I'm constantly finding myself on the Apple app store (5-years-strong with iPhone) trying to find new apps that can help me with organization, enhance and edit my Instagram photos, or just help me kill time while I'm waiting for my morning coffee.

That all aside, I would definitely consider myself an app connoisseur — I've tried them all!

My Top 5 apps of the month are:

  1. Choices (game)
  2. Seekers Notes (game)
  3. MakeupPlus (photo)
  4. Fortune City (money)
  5. Buffer (social)

choices app


Do you kiss the man of your dreams or marry the man with the huge bank account? It's your choice! This game is very similar to Episode, where it leaves the player calling the shots and choosing their destiny. If you're into the very popular Japanese Otome games, you'll love this app. There are several books offered on the app, but my favourite for this month is specifically the (currently incomplete) trio, Rules Of Engagement

seekers notes app

S E E K E R S   N O T E S

Who doesn't love a good game of iSpy? This app is one of many seek and find games in the app store but what puts Seekers Notes at the top of my list is the story-line and variation of puzzles from level to level — there's the classic mosaic puzzle, card matching, and some Bejeweled. It's not the average iSpy game. On some levels, everything is mirrored, including the word clues! If you like a good challenge, try this out.

makeupplus app


If you didn't have time to throw makeup on before taking a selfie with Aunt Barb... have no fear, MakeupPlus to the rescue! Using face recognition, the app tailors it's abundance of makeup style choices to your face. I originally heard of the app through Bretmanrock who has three of his own makeup looks that you can try out. Sometimes it's nice to get all dolled up.


fortune city app

F O R T U N E   C I T Y

I'm still in the early stages of using this app but so far, I'm loving what it does for me. It's not your usual money and budget app — instead of just seeing numbers all over your screen, this one is like an interactive game that builds a city based on your expenses. A building here, a building there... you're spending quite a bit... Not sure if I want to be the mayor of that city but I like the interface!

buffer app


If you're a fan of keeping a social media schedule, you'll love Buffer just as much I do. I would say it's a simplified version of Hootsuite which still does all the same things and free. Schedule your posts for Facebook and Twitter easily with the touch of a button!

What are your favourite apps currently? And, if you have any suggestions for games, please share them with me!