Presented Under the Massive White Big Top, Cavalia Odysseo

Let me start off by saying if Cavalia's Odysseo is in your city, GO.

I was driving down the highway one day and I asked Jerico if he knew what the white tents, they were setting up, were for. He said he thought it was for the circus and said that we can go one day.

I'm like a child when it comes to entertainment. I love theme parks, circuses/acrobat shows, and cartoons, haha. 

Anyways, the funny part about that was Flip Publicity invited me to go to the show (presented in those white tents) a few days after. Going to the event, the only thing I knew about the show was what I had seen in a quick Google image search. Okay, horses, acrobatics, and music — got it. But it was so much more than that.

Unfortunately, I was not able to film the actual show from my point of view. However, I received footage of the reel of some of what you can see during the live show. I was seriously impressed. I've never been to a show quite like that one. There were so many different elements mixed into those components. I really had a great time. Big thanks to Flip Publicity for inviting me!