I Took a Mental Health Break

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I know I've been away on both my blog and YouTube for awhile. I've been taking time to adjust to some personal life changes I've had to make as well as trying to maintain my mental health.

Mental health, as some of you may know, has not been spoken about on a big scale due to the stigma portrayed by society. Every day, we hear about people in mainstream media taking their lives due to anxiety and depression. On the other hand, we also hear about celebrities coming out with their own experiences with mental health illnesses.

YouTube and Vine star, Liza Koshy and her boyfriend David broke up after displaying a very affectionate, healthy, and thriving relationship online and left a lot of people wondering what went wrong — myself included. To which they posted a video stating that Liza wanted to take some time to love herself before she could spread love to others.

While people may be smiling and appearing to be living their best life on Instagram or at events, what they show on the outside may not truly be how they feel on the inside. This is the danger of the world having stigma towards mental health and why we need to raise the awareness of it.

That being said, make sure to tell your loved ones that you love them every chance you get because you really don't know who is suffering from mental health illnesses.