Office-Friendly Soft Grunge Workwear Fashion

From a 10-year background in retail management, I've finally transitioned permanently and full-time to an office environment, happily situated using my degree with a career in my field. I have never been happier.

The cherry on top is that my office does not have a strict dress code, which means that as long as I'm covering up the goodies, I'm pretty much in the clear to wear whatever I want.

You can look forward to seeing outfit of the days, closet staples, budget finds, and the occasional rant about having to pay bills on my channel and finally now on a blog!

With the launch of my new rebranded blog, I collaborated with Men's blogger, Marc Gamboa, on a bunch of photoshoot sessions to give you guys a taste of my style! It's super exciting because I don't know what kind of magic he uses but he always manages to make me look great — even at my worst!

This video is a behind the scenes look at one of the outfits I'll be featuring on my blog in the near future — an off the shoulder top with an overall rocker vibe. More pictures and posts to come!

Do you have to wear a uniform at work? & If you don't, what would you wear?