Take a Boat Cruise Along the Toronto Islands

toronto skyline camille co liz intac

When I think about travelling, I spend a lot of time looking up countries and cities to visit internationally that I sometimes forget the beauty of the city I live in.

I took a boat cruise along Toronto’s scenic harbour and Lake Ontario waterways last Friday with my coworkers.

camille co toronto skyline
camille co view inside boat toronto skyline

The weather was beautiful and so was the bright blue water that relaxed everyone into the weekend.

camille co toronto skyline liz intac

The cruise also had a lunch buffet (which I wish I got a photo of!) that consisted of: BBQ chicken, rice, potato balls, potato salad, garden salad, and this zucchini dish I can't describe. It was so good!

Anyways, definitely recommend a Mariposa Cruises if you ever get the chance to enjoy the city from the water.

This post was not sponsored in any means. This was written in my own words and in my honest opinion.