We hit 7000 subscribers!

I can't believe it! I'm literally tearing up. I didn't even expect to be hitting 7000 any time soon.I haven't been actively watching my subscriber number in a long time. Mostly because I feel as though I plateau-ed in the 6000's. I've pretty much been there for a whole year. 

But I had the pleasure of waking up to the well-rounded 7000 this morning, and I can't begin to express the happiness and joy I feel when I think about that many people subscribing to my channel because I've either helped them in some way or the sheer fact that maybe they like me for me.

Thank you so much for supporting me throughout the years. I've never been consistent with my channel. Not for more than a few months. So thank you to everyone who stuck by me.

I'm gonna set aside a day to prep a giveaway. You all deserve it!