Why Even the Best Couples Argue

why even the best couples argue

A large majority of the time, arguments arise out of unmet emotional needs because the truth is arguments reveal the heart.

Little things like putting your dishes into dishwasher, or cleaning out the lint tray each time you dry clothes is not a huge thing to him, but to me it is because I hate the mess, and it’s being proactive.

So what is their heart saying? They need to live in a clean environment and be proactive with any sort of clutter because otherwise it’s emotionally upsetting to them.

To easily disarm the other person in an argument, look for the emotional need behind their words. Figure out why your partner is so upset over what seems so small and silly to you.

The answer to that question will help you not only understand the other person, but it’ll help you figure out the correct step to take to meet their emotional need and maintain a healthy and positive climate for communication in the relationship.